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Home Gym Info was created to provide no-nonsense information for you to create your gym experience at home. Whether you are looking for a piece of equipment, a healthy and tasty recipe, learn more about nutrition and supplementation, finding ways to relax, or you just don’t know where to start on your weight loss journey, we wanted to share what we have learned.

Welcome! We are Dan & Lori Seidler. We married in November 2002 and had a small zoo of pets, but no children. From Pennsylvania, to Texas, to finally settling in Florida, we love the warm weather and are always looking forward to our next cruise.

We both struggled with our weight our entire lives and have tried so many diets, exercise programs, and supplements. In 2022, we finally realized we, like most people, overcomplicate the fat loss process.


The Challenges

Dan lifted weights since starting Freshman football in high school. He was always fluffy, but did his best as a 170 lb. Right Guard. But he continues to enjoy lifting weights. Before turning 20, he gained 70 lbs. in 3 months and was eventually diagnosed with Hypothyroidism. Several years later, he was more precisely diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Many things in the body do not work quite right when the Thyroid is not working properly.

To add insult to injury, when Dan & Lori were trying to start a family, Dan learned that he was 100% infertile and had a Testosterone count of 47 ng/dL. To put that into context, a 50 year old man has a Testosterone range of 215 – 878 ng/dL.

So, not only did his thyroid make it difficult to have any energy, he didn’t produce enough testosterone to build muscle. Ironically, he still lifted weights off & on since he was 14.


Dan was introduced to a network marketing company with products and services in supplements and weight loss. He became a Certified TLS Lifestyles Systems Coach and also became an ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer. After losing 90 lbs., he was teaching others how to do the same… and then his body fought back again. His thyroid and testosterone levels went bonkers, going doctor to doctor, he tried to level things out. Eventually, things calmed down, but he gained half the weight back… and this time it didn’t want to come off. He stumbled for several years, trying different diets, exercise programs, intense cardio workouts, intense fasting strategies; you name it. If the weight keeps coming back, did it really work?

Outside of health & nutrition, Dan is an Engineer and Project Manager in the Electric Utilities Industry. He is also a Bassist and Songwriter.


The challenges

In high school, she was active in Softball and Flags but the weight was quick to hug her if she didn’t stay extremely active. In her adult life, she continued to fight with her weight, as well as tackling “lady” issues. She would push herself with exercise DVDs for months and have so little to show for it. She felt defeated each time she tried a program for 3-6 months.


Lori has a degree in Business and Merchandising. She is a guru for turning any recipe into something healthy and delicious. You may find some wonderful recipes in our Nutrition section.

Lori has the skills and eye for home decoration, furniture refinishing, and home remodeling. She is also Dan’s rock and brings balance to the Force.

Why Home Gym Info?

There is so much information on the internet. Social Media Influencers show crazy exercises for Likes and Hearts but then do their tried & true, boring workouts when the camera is off. We have cut through the noise, learned what works, and provided it for you to benefit from. Since this information has been so valuable to us, why wouldn’t we share it with you?

If the pandemic taught us anything, not having access to a gym meant we needed to build our own. While traveling, getting a good resistance training workout in can be challenging. Keeping in good shape while on vacation can be a challenge, as well. We are bringing concepts and ideas that you can put into practice today.

Why Affiliate Marketing and is the Information Biased?

Affiliate Marketing allows us to provide a ton of free content. We hate ads. We hate pop ups. We hate pushy salespeople. Instead, we provide great, free information in the form of education and guidance. We then supplement this information with our product and service recommendations. We post our names and faces. These recommendations are our reputation.

Take a look at the Weight Management page within Supplements. The weight loss supplement industry is worth over $33 Billion. Honestly, almost all supplements focused on weight loss are garbage. Could we recommend weight loss supplements simply because there is money to be made? Sure, but that’s not what we are about. The same goes for anyone looking for machines to work their abs. If the real focus is to flatten your tummy, no amount of ab crunches is going to get you there. Instead, we point you to our Start Here: The Simple Fat Loss Strategy.

The most important thing to us is the trust we have earned from our Readers. If we were to recommend something because we are biased or lazy, Readers like you would not support our work. We also invite you to fact check us.

What To Do Now?

If you are here it means you are looking for something to improve your health & fitness goals at home. We are constantly searching for the best products, services, and information to educate and guide others who struggle like we did.

The good news is, we have prepared everything to help you achieve your goals. Please click on the links below to begin your journey.

Before & After Photos

At this time, Dan & Lori are making great progress, implementing the strategies on this site. Once they reach their goals, the photos will be shared here. Stay tuned!