Best Home Gym Cable Machines

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When we mention weight stacks, we expect to see a cable attached to the top. This cable then runs through one or more pulleys, then to an attachment. These cable machines provide a wide assortment of exercises to choose from. This is why cable machines are the perfect solution for your home gym.

With modern technology, the weight stack is becoming more, well… technical. From the standard weight stack, to magnets, there are many options to consider when building your home gym.

Why should you consider a single or multi-stack cable machine for your home gym?

  • Versatile
  • Convenient
  • A multitude of available exercises in a single piece of equipment
  • Some can take up very little space
  • Depending on the model, can be either free-standing or require attaching to a wall, ceiling, and/or floor.

Below you will find:

Single stack cable machines


Body-Solid BFFT10 & PFT50 ($808 & $1,299)

Body-Solid makes a smorgasbord of machines to meet your needs. As a Single Stack Functional Trainer, the adjustable pulley systems provide ample opportunity for a variety of exercises. Compact, so it could be placed in a corner, has a pull up / chin up bar, and comes with either a 190 lb. or 210 lb. Single Stack, respectively. Whether you are looking to build a shed gym, garage gym, or repurpose an underutilized bedroom, these single stack cable machines will do the trick!

The main drawback is the single stack of 190 or 210 lb., respectively. When it comes to leg exercises, such as squats, you may outgrow this machine. Otherwise, the weight should be enough to keep the machine planted, but it would not hurt to anchor it to a wall for added security.

Warranty – both offer a 1-year parts warranty. The frame has an extended warranty of 3 years for the BFFT10 and 10 years for the PFT50.

Get RX’d

Get RX’d Functional Trainer Single Column Weight Stack 2000 ($919)

There’s a plate option, as well

Get RX’d has a single stack that is actually part of a modular system. You can add this piece to other pieces of their equipment. But, as you can see from the pictures, it can be attached to a wall and provide you a single stack with an adjustable pulley system. The stack comes with 200 lb and sturdy handles. There is a plate option, as well, which has a lower price point but would require separate weights. This is covered in the Plate only section.

Warranty – Not specifically spelled out on the product page, but Get RX’d warranties range by item for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

French Fitness

French Fitness Dual Pulley Wall Mounted Cable Column ($1,699.00)

For the smallest footprint possible, as well as the sleekest of the options, French Fitness (Located in California), offers a single 133 lb. stack that is wall mountable. During the checkout process there are options to add many additional components such as a bench, bars, handles, ropes, straps, and harnesses.

Warranty – 10 years for parts and 1 year for labor.

Multi-stack cable machines


Body-Solid PFT100 ($1,517)

As mentioned in the Single Stack section, Body-Solid makes a smorgasbord of machines to meet your needs. A double stack provides additional weight (two 160 lb. stacks), a wider separation between the left & right handles, and a wider stance for stability. This unit will require additional space would would still fit nicely in a corner. There is an option to upgrade the stacks to 210 lb. each.

Warranty – 10-year years on frame. 1 year on all other parts.

Get RX’d

As mentioned above, Get RX’d has the ability to combine two single stacks as a modular systems. See Get RX’d Single Stack.


XMARK XM-7626.1 Functional Trainer with Dual 200 lb weight stacks ($2,754)

Not the cheapest of the variety provided on this page, but this is a solid unit to consider. The lifetime warranty may put you at ease for your investment.

Plenty of adjustments, 11-gauge (commercial quality) steel frame is solid! The pulley system is smooth and strong. Even in a multi-stack configuration, the footprint is still smaller compared to many other options.

Warranty – Lifetime on the frame!! 1-year on the hardware.

French Fitness

French Fitness FTS-F1 Functional Training System ($2,599)

Another strong contender is the French Fitness Functional Training System. Strong warranty, adjustable pulley system, two 165 lb. weight stacks for a total of 335 lb. combined.

Their website offers add-ons such as assembly, different bars, straps, handles, and benches.

Solid construction. Sturdy and safe for years to come.

Warranty – 10 years parts. 1-year labor.

Smart Gyms

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Smart Gym Alternatives

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