Best Smart Gyms

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The best Smart Gyms are full of technology and provide you, not only a great workout, but an online support system. The equipment listed below are focused on strength training. Some may also provide cardio guidance, but if the machine’s main purpose is cardio, please check out our Cardio page.

We’ll start with the most most expensive and work our way down.

As we go down the list, the equipment provided with the Smart Gym will become less and less. To which point, you’ll need to decide whether you like the On-Demand system for that Smart Gym or simply the weight equipment that it comes with.

Best Smart Gyms Cable Machines

Best Smart Gyms Mirror Systems

Smart Gyms without screen/mirror

Why are Smart Gyms becoming so popular?

When the world shut down, due to COVID-19, those who wanted to get or stay in shape, had to find another resource. Working out at home became the only viable option. With modern technology comes smart fitness technology. Since people that normally go to the gym need to continue working out, many do not want to take up a lot of space in their home. The average person doesn’t shop for a house with a gym or intend to convert a bedroom into a gym. So, many Smart Gyms provide the equipment, the fitness coaching guidance, all without taking up a lot of space.

The Smart Gym Challenges

  • Premium technology comes at a premium price
  • Smart Gyms come with required subscription services and fees
  • Some of these systems need to be professionally mounted to a wall

The benefits of owning a Smart Gym instead of traditional exercise equipment

  • No clunky and bulky equipment taking up space
  • Comes with a virtual On-Demand library, as well as online communities and fitness coaches
  • Equipment that can adapt to you
  • Artificial intelligence to monitor your movements, to provide coaching for proper form and technique
  • Automatic tracking of exercises, sets, and repetitions
  • Great for small spaces
  • Great to consider for a home gym for apartment living

Can’t I just buy the equipment without the subscription fee?

We asked the same question! With new technology and the competition all beating the same drum, you can expect creative selling approaches that force you into an annual contract.

So, what if I pay for the minimum allotted time for the subscription and then not renew?

So, you want the tiny footprint from the Smart Gym without the “Smart” part? There are not many non-subscription options from the best known Smart Gyms, but we suggest you also check out our page on Smart Gym Alternatives. These alternatives will provide you many of the physical benefits of a Smart Gym without the subscription premiums.

We continue to scour the interwebs for the most fascinating, unique, high-quality equipment which provides the best bang for the buck. It will be difficult to find inexpensive Smart Gyms, since new technology is typically tied to a premium price. But we’ll break down the features so you can make the best, informed decision on the most modern and best Smart Gym on the market. There are some really cool Smart Gyms out there and we expect more to keep coming out. And with that, competition should drive the subscription costs down.

Why can’t I just use my Smart TV or laptop and just use a Cable Machine or dumbbells?

Excellent question!! Only you can decide that. Do you want the latest and best smart gym, or can you “settle” for solid equipment with more available weight, flexibility, and versatility? Don’t get us wrong, Smart Gyms are really cool, but in the end, most Smart Gyms have a pretty screen with an interface tied to some form of equipment that you can find on many of our other pages.

Best Smart Gyms: Smart Cable Machines

Oxefit XSI

Total (1 year) price: $5,576.88 + shipping

  • Base price: $4,548 ($79/mo at 0% APR available). 48 mo with $200 down.
  • Smart Accessories: $549 (lowest of 3 options). Required to pick one.
  • Membership (Subscription): $39.99/mo (12-month minimum commitment)
  • Shipping & Installation: Calculated based on destination
  • Digital Cable System Total weight: 250 lb.

Designed with the pro athletes, trainers, and leading sports medicine experts in mind, the Oxefit has several options. We have provided the base model, which provides quite a bit. As you move up with the Subscription, additional goodies are unlocked. Though its main function is strength training, we found it unique in that it utilized the technology cable system to provide exercises that include rows, canoe, kayak, paddleboard, SurfSwim, SkiCross, and for a nominal fee, Pilates. This machine may be the ultimate strength and cardio Smart Gym on the market.

There are three levels of Subscription: Flex, Flow, and Peak. As you move up in monthly price, additional features are unlocked. In other words, all three levels come with the options provided in Flex.


  • Accessories
    • OxeDot
    • Flat bench
    • Barbell
    • Hand grips
    • Rope handle
    • Waist harness
    • Ankle straps
    • SkiCross handles
  • Freestyle Activities
    • Strength
    • SkiCross


  • Accessories
    • Multi-functional bench
    • Multi-functional bar
    • Swim Paddles
    • Adjustable paddle
  • Freestyle Activities
    • Rowing
    • Kayaking
    • Canoeing
    • Paddleboard
    • SurfSwim


  • Accessories
    • OxeReform – Digital Pilates
  • Freestyle Activities
    • Digital Pilates

The OxeDot is how you wirelessly connect an accessory to the system.

The Oxefit app also provide the opportunity to create your own custom fitness plans, tracking, and more.

After the one year subscription, if you choose to not utilize (pay for) the continued subscription, it will still work in Freestyle Mode to perform your own exercises by leveraging the hardware capabilities.

There is also a “professional” version called the XP1. You will need to contact Oxefit for an estimate. But it’s a pretty fancy looking beast!

Warranty – 3 year frame. 1 year HD touchscreen. 1 year moving parts & electrical components. 1 year labor. 3 & 5 year extended warranty available.


Total (1 year) price: $4,828

  • Base price: $3,495 ($73/mo at 0% APR available)
  • Smart Accessories: $495
  • Membership (Subscription): $49/mo (12-month minimum commitment)
  • Shipping & Installation: $250
  • Digital Cable System Total weight: 200 lb.

Phew! Premium price, right? How do you define value? Do you find value in a sophisticated fitness mirror that senses your movements and posture and then provides feedback, auto-adjusts/corrects, and gives you thousands of videos at your fingertips? Not only that, the Tonal system provides you up to 100 lb. of tension on each arm through a really cool magnetic resistance system.

If you have reviewed our Best Home Gym Cable Machines, you will recognize that a maximum resistance of 200 lb. may not be enough for exercises like squats. So, though you may be the coolest kid on the block, with the latest piece of workout technology, will it serve your fitness needs?

On Demand Programs include strength, dance cardio, yoga, mobility, Pilates, barre, meditation, kickboxing, pre & post natal, family fun, intensity/boot camp, recovery.

Warranty – Trainer & touch screen (3 years parts, 1 year labor). Accessories (1 year).

Vitruvian Trainer+

Total (1 year) price: $2,818

  • Base price: $2,495 ($78/mo at 0% APR available)
  • Accessories: Basic handles provided. Two kits, as well as several add-ons available.
  • Membership (Subscription): $39/mo. Save if you pay first year in full. $468 $323. There is also a Lifetime Membership for $970.
  • Shipping: Included
  • Digital Cable System Total weight: 460 lb.


  • Though this is a really cool device, since the cables are attached under your feet, there is no way to pull from overhead. There are exercises that can be completed in lieu of something like a Lat Pulldown, but you are still limited.
  • The accessory connector for each attachment is proprietary. Unlike the traditional carabiner found on most equipment, you will be forced to purchased their attachments. If someone could create a carabiner that attaches to this proprietary attachment, then we would be on a universal plane.
  • You must stand or place something on top, as it is not mounted to the ground. Though being mobile has its advantages!


The unit weighs 80 lb. and can be wheeled under a bed. Wi-Fi connects to your TV and gives you access to a large library through the On-Demand subscription. Comes with basic handles and ankle straps.


  • Entry Kit ($237)
    • Premium handle bars
    • Long bar
    • Triceps rope
    • Workout mat
    • Safety cables
  • Pro Kit ($450)
    • All pieces provided in Entry Kit
    • Bench
  • Bench – built specifically for the difference of height of placing one side on top of the system. ($200)
  • Bar – In add variety, in lieu of the handle bars. ($93)
  • Cell phone stand – Holds you phone on a gooseneck extension with a base.

On-Demand subscription includes: 100s of classes, educational technique videos, goal-oriented workouts and programs, data tracking, performance insights, leaderboard activities, and more.

Warranty – 1 year.

Best Smart Gyms: Smart Mirror Systems

NordicTrack Vault

Total (1 year) price: $2,467

  • Base price: $1,999 ($46/mo at 0% APR available)
  • Accessories: Included
  • Membership (Subscription): $39/mo after first free month. 1 – 3 year memberships available at reduced prices.
  • Shipping: Included

Accessories include: 6 sets of dumbbells (5 lb. to 30 lb.), 2 kettlebells (20 lb. & 30 lb.), 6 resistance bands (light, medium, heavy, 20 lb., 30 lb., 50 lb.), exercise mat, 2 yoga blocks.

Though this system does not come with a built in cable system, behind its smart display are shelves filled with free weights and resistance bands. If you require more weight, you can simply add additional dumbbells… which you would need somewhere else to store… or linger near the already filled shelves behind the display.

Focused beyond the strength training component, you will find many programs to guide you through yoga, Pilates, recovery, intervals/HIIT/intensity,

Warranty – 10 year frame. 2 year parts. 1 year labor.

Lululemon The Mirror

Total (1 year) price: $1,963 + bundle

  • Base price: $1,495 ($32/mo at 0% APR available)
  • Accessories: 4 bundles available.
  • Membership (Subscription): $39/mo. One-year minimum commitment required.
  • Shipping: Included

There are 4 The Mirror Bundles available. As you move up it comes with additional accessories. In other words, all four levels come with the base option, the Essentials package is provided in the Pro & Family bundles, etc.

The Mirror ($1,495)

  • The Mirror
  • The Mirror Stand
  • Mirror Lens Cap
  • Standard Warranty

The Mirror Essentials ($1,695)

  • Heart rate monitor
  • Fitness Band Pack
  • Reversible Mat & strap
  • Yoga block
  • Double foam roller mini

The Mirror Pro ($1,795)

  • Workout towel
  • Weights (1 pair)

The Mirror Family ($2,045)

  • 2 heart rate monitors
  • 2 fitness band packs
  • 2 pairs of weights
  • 2 mats & straps
  • 2 yoga blocks
  • 2 workout towels
  • 2 double foam roller minis

These accessories can also be purchased individually from their site.

Lululemon have these really nifty Smart Weights

These weights deliver real-time rep tracking, form correction, and weight recommendations during each workout. The Mirror communicates with the weights to consider heart, muscle, and rebound factors when making recommendations for cardio, strength, and recovery. The weights range in size & cost per pair:

  • 1 lb ($50)
  • 3 lb ($75)
  • 5 lb ($90)
  • 10 lb ($120)
  • 15 lb ($135)
  • 20 lb ($150)
  • 25 lb ($170)
  • 30 lb ($185)
  • 35 lb ($200)

Not the cheapest technology, that’s for sure! Personally, we’d perhaps consider these Smart Weights if they were a selectable dumbbell system from 1-50 lb like the Powerblock or Bowflext dumbbells.

On-Demand subscriptions include: Yoga, dance, strength, boxing, barre, etc.

Warranty – 1 year. 2, 3, and 5 year extended warranties available.

Pro-Form Vue

Total (1 year) price: $1,467

  • Base price: $999 ($26/mo at 0% APR available)
  • Accessories: Included
  • Membership (Subscription): $39/mo after first free month. Auto monthly renewal (no annual contract!)
  • Shipping: Included

Accessories include: 10 lb. bar, (2) 5 lb. dumbbells, (4) 2.5 lb. Weight Plates

The iFIT On-Demand library has a good selection, but the provided weights is less than the NordicTrack Vault. Again, you can purchase additional weights and/or Resistance Bands, as needed.

iFIT On-Demand library includes strength training, yoga, HIIT, all while being led by a personal trainer in your home.

Warranty – 2 year frame. 1 year parts. 1 year labor.

Echelon Reflect & Mirror+

Reflect (non-touch screen) Total (1 year) price: $1,168.88

Reflect Mirror+ (touch screen) Total (1 year) price: $1,918.88

  • Reflect (non-touch screen) Base price: $749
  • Reflect Mirror+ (touch screen) Bae price: $1,499
  • Accessories: Free Echelon Fit app download. No equipment comes with either option
  • Membership (Subscription): $34.99/mo. 1 & 2 year plans offer discounts. A non-equipment library option is available at $11.99/mo.
  • Shipping: Included

After reviewing this Smart TV (yep, it’s hard for us to call this a Smart Gym), we found it underwhelming.

It does not come with resistance equipment. It does not track you unless you sync to a Smart Device like a Smart Watch. You can stream On-Demand videos, as well as daily live classes. All of which you can do from a Smart TV, cell phone, tablet, and/or laptop.

Subscription includes: 35+ daily live classes, plus thousands of On-Demand classes. Yoga, strength training, scenic rides, HIIT, meditation, boxing, Pilates, core, cardio, stretching. App syncs with fitness apps like Apple Health, FitBit, etc.

Warranty – 2 year frame. 1 year parts. 1 year labor.

Smart Gyms without a screen or mirror

Tempo Move & Studio


Total (1 year) price: $708

  • Base price: Subscription rental only
  • Accessories: Included but there is an option to add 40 lb. for an additional $10/mo
  • Membership (Subscription): $59/mo rental
  • Shipping: Included
  • Disclaimer: Requires an iPhone XR or newer

Accessories include:

After reviewing both models, we found both to be “cute”. Not our cup of tea, but the “smart” portion of the Smart Gym provides feedback, a small collection of weights, and a place to store the equipment.

Subscription includes: 2,000+ workouts. One-on-one fitness coaching, real-time guidance. Meet a real coach to discuss your goals and lifestyle. Your coach will create a customized plan for you.

DISCLAIMER: Requires an iPhone XR or newer (not tablet either). Not compatible with other Operating Systems.

There is another option available with Tempo:

Tempo Studio

Quite frankly, the Tempo Studio kinda looks like it belongs in a child’s nursery. But maybe that’s what you’re looking for. We know you are looking for a Smart Gym, but at these prices, we highly suggest that you either consider one of the Smart Gyms above or check out a traditional Functional Trainer system.

The Tempo Studio comes with a screen and additional equipment, based on the packages below:

  • Starter ($2,495)
    • Workout mat
    • 4 collars
    • 2 x 7.5 lb. dumbbell handles
    • 75 lb. of weight plates
  • Plus ($3,245)
    • Workout mat
    • 6 collars
    • 2 x 7.5 lb. dumbbell handles
    • 75 lb. of weights
    • 25 lb. barbell handle
    • Recovery roller
    • 2 x 25 lb. competition plates
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Folding bench
  • Pro ($3,995)
    • Workout mat
    • 6 collars
    • 2 x 7.5 lb. dumbbell handles
    • 75 lb. of weights
    • 25 lb. barbell handle
    • Recovery roller
    • 2 x 25 lb. competition plates
    • 2 x 45 lb. competition plates
    • Heart rate monitor
    • Folding bench
    • Folding square rack
    • Weight plate storage
    • Kettlebell system

Warranty – 3 cabinet. 1 year display (if applicable). 1 year bench, rack, plate holder, kettlebell, heart rate monitor. 3 year barbell, collar, and weights. 1 year labor.

MaxPro SmartConnect Portable Cable Machine

Total (1 year) price: $779

  • Base price: $779
  • Accessories: Some are included
  • Membership (Subscription): Download free Coaching app for limited functions listed below. Many paid subscriptions available, including a lifetime access subscription for $29.99.
  • Shipping:
  • Cable System Total weight: 460 lb.

There are also kits which include the MaxPro system

The MaxPro is the most portable “Smart Gym” on our list. We put “Smart Gym” in quotes because at this point, you can use any On-Demand library and follow along with your preferred form of resistance, whether dumbbells, cables, resistance bands, barbells, and/or bodyweight. But the MaxPro offers a lot of resistance and versatility in a small package. Almost small enough to put in your luggage.

Accessories include: Long bar, workout cable handles, ankle/wrist straps, door mount system, USB charger.

  • Starter Pack – provides the accessories listed above ($779)
  • Travel Ready -also provides a backpack ($879)
  • Deluxe Cable Gym Setup – accessories in the Starter Pack, as well as the wall-mounted track system ($1,049)
  • The Elite Bundle – All the above! Also, a foldable bench. ($1,449)

The add-ons above can also be purchased separately – There are a few add-ons, which are unique to this system. This includes the bench, which has special mounting feet to secure the MaxPro.

  • Wall mount ($300)
  • Foldable Bench ($218)
  • Backpack ($101)
  • Maxout 4-pack: Foam roller, exercise mat, suspension handles, jump belt ($89)

With up to 300 lb. of resistance from this portable cable machine, there is a lot that you can do at home and/or on the road. You can stand on it, secure it to a door/door frame, wrap it around a tree… use your imagination! This machine has been seen on Shark Tank, as well.

Coaching App

Not required to use the MaxPro system.

MaxPro have sensors which communicate with the Coaching app. This allows Users to effortlessly track workout data, history, progress, and results. The app also provides video classes and programs designed by expert trainers.

The free version of the app provides limited functionality, but do include

  • Manual tracking in app
  • Sample of 10 coached classes
  • Sample of 5 MaxPro pre-set workouts
  • Detailed workout results tracked over time with trend graphs
  • Tutorial video library
  • Maxpro articles on health, nutrition, and mind
  • Live Cable Calculator

The paid version has a MUCH longer list and would be easier to view on their website.

Warranty – 2 year frame. 1 year parts. 1 year labor.