Best Incline Body Weight Machines (Gravity Training)

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Let’s be honest… Total Gym has the corner of the Incline Body Weight Machine market.

To save you some reading, of the models available on Total Gym’s site, the cheapest, but still providing the basic exercises:

Total Gym XLS

Though their patent expired in 2014, we’re not seeing too much competition.

But if the power rods and spiral technology of Bowflex is not your cup of tea, then perhaps a machine that uses percentages of your own body weight may be a more comfortable arena.

Our biggest concern with this type of machine is that if you’re already light in weight and/or you are very strong, this machine may not provide you the resistance you need for a muscle building workout.

Secondly… look at those prices!!! And though they state that each machine provides a full-body workout, they have “circuit” systems, where you can buy multiple machines. We have trouble considering the limitations of these machines compared to what else is on the market. You can find many other options on our Best Home Gym Equipment.

Potential resistance-adding solutions to the Incline Body Weight Machine

  • Add a weighted vest (or two!)
  • Utilizing resistance bands, as well

Why should you consider an Incline Body Weight Machine?

What the Total Gym does well with is forcing your muscles to stabilize as it goes through the range of motion of the exercise. You’ll be shaking like a leaf as your stabilizing muscles get used to the weight. Since these machines use a percentage of your own weight against gravity, these can be called Gravity Training Systems. Hence, the model Total Gym GTS.

There are many benefits to the Total Gym

  • Low impact
  • Complete back support
  • Cardio & endurance workouts
  • Overall better functioning of muscles on a day-to-day basis
  • Short, efficient, full-body workouts
  • Increase strength
  • Improve coordination & balance
  • Improve joint range of motion
  • Improve joint stability & mobility

Total Gym

The Total Gym Incline Body Weight Machine Options

NOTE: We are only providing information & reviews on the latest models found on Total Gym’s website. There are older models still available on places like Amazon. You may find some great deals at much lower prices for their older models. For instance, the Total Gym Apex is less than half of their current, cheapest model, the XLS.

In its basic comparison, one end can be raised/lowered, to increase/decrease the percentage of your body weight used during the exercise. As you move up in price, you’ll get stronger structural parts, such as steel, as well as additional attachments, etc.

At this time, Total Gym’s website offers three series, each with several options. The series considered for your Home Gym is the Heritage Collection:

  • Heritage Collection Series
    • GTS ($3,995)
    • FIT ($1,699.95)
    • FIT Signature Series Plus ($1,499.95)
    • XLS ($1,099.50)

Non-Home Varieties, in case you’re looking for something more specific:

  • Elevate Series (Commercial Machines – exercise/body part specific)
    • Encompass ($4,295)
    • Core ADJ ($1,995)
    • Row ADJ ($1,995)
    • Jump ($3,695)
    • Pull Up ($1,995)
    • Press (1,995)
    • Circuit (5 machines) ($11,275)
    • Row ($1,595)
    • Super Circuit (6 machines) ($15,270)
  • Recovery Series (Physical Therapy machines)
    • RS Encompass PowerTower ($6,795)
    • RS Encompass (4,795)
    • RS LEX ($3,995)
    • RS Row ADJ ($1,995)
    • RS Encompass PowerTower Clinical Complete Package ($7,295)

Total Gym XLS ($1,099.50)

Why the XLS model?

  • Small foot print – 225 sq. ft.
  • Fold up to take up even less room
  • Time Under Tension (TUT) allows for longer muscle recruitment, which leads to more adaptation & growth… and strength!
  • Smooth glide along the board
  • Durable
  • Easy to install

Attachments included

  • Squat stand (foot board)
  • Leg pull
  • Wing attachment
  • Exercise wall chart
  • Nutrition meal plan
  • Strategic holes to add a weight bar and weight plates (added resistance!)
  • Though not a listed feature, we see an opportunity to add resistance bands by wrapping them around the Squat stand.
  • Comes with a range of videos

Available attachments

  • Weight Bar ($54) Weights not include
  • Additional DVD videos

Total Gym claims to provide over 80 exercises, almost no assembly required, a nutritional program & meal plan, and upgraded components from older models, such as the pulley system and padded Glide Board with Head Support.

The reviews are actually quite impressive. Most people seem to enjoy and appreciate what the Total Gym Incline Body Weight Machine offers as a full body workout.

Total Gym will also price match! So, keep an eye out for the price. We listed the lowered price from their own website. At the time of this article, Amazon was showing the same price.

Warranty – 2 years.