Best Plate Loaded Cable Machines (Free Weight)

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Like its weight stack brethren, the Free Weight or Plate loaded cable machine variety provides equipment at a smaller price tag. The challenge with this style of equipment is that you need to either already own barbell plates or you will need to purchase them.

The plated loaded equipment listed below are strong and dependable pieces of equipment that would serve you well, if you choose the plate loaded option.

You can also find All-in-One Trainers with stack or plate only options. So, it isn’t about which is of higher quality, but rather which option you prefer.

There are not too many options in this category. Be sure to look at the other categories on the main Equipment page that include Plate only options included with Smith Machines, etc.

Get RX’d

Functional Trainer Plate-Loaded 2000 ($389)

Attached to the wall and with a small footprint, Get RX’d Plate-Loaded Functional Trainer provides you with an awesome cable machine. Just add barbell plates and you’re ready to rock & roll!

Solid construction, two 9″ sleeves for barbell plates (one sleeve on each side), and comes with the necessary mounting hardware. For higher weight options, see the Stack variety.

Warranty – Not specifically spelled out on the product page, but Get RX’d warranties range by item for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years.

Titan Fitness

Short Wall Mounted Pulley Tower V3 ($229.99)

Another cable/pulley system that is mounted to the wall and provides a small print. There is also a tall version available, which is 4 inches taller.

Heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame, 1″ sleeves. Designed to mount to wall without affecting baseboards.

Warranty – 1 year