Best Smart Gym Alternatives for Your Home Gym

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Smart Gym Alternatives for your Home Gym could really be any piece of equipment in which you utilize “smart” technology, such as a subscription service. But the latest Smart Gyms are popular due to their small footprint, versatility, customization, and availability.

There currently are not too many pieces of equipment popping up, but we’ll keep searching and provide you with the very best. We found this beauty, which looks like the latest Smart Gyms but incorporates old school weight as a Smart Cable Machine. Check this out!

French Fitness

Wall Mounted Mirror Functional Trainer ($1,799)

Solid enough for a commercial setting, the French Fitness Smart Gym Alternative mirror provides an adjustable, dual cable system to meet all your resistance training needs. Simply mount it to the wall, like a similar Smart Gym, and you’re ready to go. From there, fire up your cell phone or Smart TV and turn this amazing piece of machinery into your own Smart Cable Machine.

Two 110 lb. weight stacks (10 plates in each stack) with 26 different pulley height adjustments open up a variety of exercises to suit your needs.

There is an option to replace the 110 lb. stacks with 165 lb. stacks. With a tall wall-mounted solution, we figured there would be enough room to add additional weight to the stack, but 330 lb. does provide a good amount of oomph. Do keep in mind that the pulley system is 2:1, so 110 lb. feels like 55 lb. on each side.

The only accessory are the two cable handles. But there is a list of add-ons available, which you could purchase elsewhere or through French Fitness. Below are a few of the items:

  • Lat bar ($77)
  • Straight bar ($99)
  • Ankle straps ($18-$48)
  • Chin up bar ($41-$55)
  • Bench ($299-$799)
  • 165 dual stack upgrade ($400)

Overall, a great alternative to the popular smart gyms. Obviously, the mirror is simply a mirror. But you can place a TV, tablet, or smart phone on or near and have a fantastic Smart Gym Alternative.

Warranty – 10 year parts. 1 year labor.

Until we find more Smart Gym Alternatives

Please check out our Best All In One Functional Trainer page where you can incorporate old school gym equipment with your favorite subscription On-Demand/Live training program.

As mentioned above, a Smart Gym is simply pairing a piece of exercise equipment to a subscription service. If you already have equipment that you enjoy, you can add any number of subscription services, or perhaps find a free YouTube channel.

Many Smart Gyms are based on two cables. These cables have resistance, whether from weight plates/stacks, magnetic resistance, or resistance bands. You can create your ultimate Smart Gym Alternative for home gym. You only need to use your imagination. We hope the information found on Home Gym Info gives you inspiration and the necessary information to create your ultimate home gym!