Best Power Towers for your Home Gym

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Power Towers give you opportunity to work a good portion of your body with just your own bodyweight. Whether you wish to work your arms, chest, back, or abs, a Power Tower has you covered!

You can also add Resistance Bands, a Weighted Vest, or even a dumbbell between your feet, to add additional resistance.

And if you’re looking for something a little different, but still uses the power of your own bodyweight, be sure to check out our list of Best Incline Body Weight Machines.

Exercises (and body parts worked), which you can do with Power Towers:

  • Pull ups (lats, biceps, delts, rhomboids, and core)
  • Chin ups (biceps, lats, delts, core)
  • Ab crunch, and Knee, Leg (L-sits), & Hip raises (Core)
  • Dips (chest, triceps, shoulders, upper & lower back)
  • Pushups (chest, triceps, shoulders, core)
  • Pike pushups (shoulder, core, triceps, chest, back)
  • Advanced exercises:
    • Handstands (core, hip flexors, hamstrings, inner thighs, obliques, lower back)
    • Planche holds (anterior delts, core, chest, shoulders, upper & lower back, glutes)
    • Dragon flags (core, glutes, hip flexors, inner thigh, lats)

Body parts you can work:

  • Arms: Biceps & tricep
  • Ab crunch, and Knee, Leg (L-sits), & Hip raises
  • Dips (chest & triceps)
  • Pushups & Pike pushups
  • Advanced exercises: Handstands, planche holds, dragon flags, etc.

Best Power Towers

Each option below provides ample adjustments, stability, and enough weight capacity to handle any workout you throw at it. The Power Tower you choose is ultimately based on the additional functionality and whether you would use it.

  1. Harison 408 Multi-function Power Tower with Bench
  2. Sportsroyals Multi-Function Pull Up Station
  3. Livebest Power Tower

Harison 408 Multi-function Power Tower with Bench ($369)

This Power Tower came at the top of our list due to the variety & versatility. The adjustable pull up bar height, foldaway bench, Resistance bands attachment points, dip station, and the list goes on. Also, having a maximum weight recommendation of 650 lb. made us happy. Many Power Towers were lacking in stability and holding power.

  • Material: Steel – heavy duty, thick frame tube
  • Dimensions: 56″L x 38″W x 93″ H. 113 lb.
  • The tower raises from 70.47″ to 88.19″
  • With the removable & collapsible bench, you can work with dumbbells and resistance bands
  • Pull up bar has a 500 lb. capacity. The entire machine has a 650 lb. capacity.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Sportsroyals Multi-Function Pull Up Station ($201)

Made with high grade steel, well-built from the inside out. This Power Tower has 6 height adjustments, 7 backrest adjustments, and multiple angles available for the armrest, pull-up arms, and push-up handles. This multi-function power tower allows you to perform a full-body workout.

  • Material: Steel – heavy duty, thick frame tube
  • Weight: 62 lb.
  • The tower raises from 70.07″ to 92.7″
  • Weight capacity: 440 lb.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Livebest Power Tower ($145.90)

Great reviews on this entry-level model! Still, the pull up tower is adjustable, making it fit in most home gyms.

Very sturdy, ample cushioning, great adjustment points, and strong enough to manage just about any full-body workout!

  • Material: Steel – heavy duty, thick frame tube
  • Dimensions: 24.8″L x 39.4″W x 84.5″H. 55 lb.
  • The tower raises from 62.2″ to 84.5″
  • Weight capacity: 600 lb.
  • Warranty: 1 year

Doing a standard bodyweight workout has its limitations without equipment. Where you can simply do many variations of pushups, core exercises, pike pushups, etc., you are quite limited without a piece of equipment like a power tower. These are excellent pieces of equipment to open up the variety and versatility of your workouts without using much more than your own bodyweight. As you gain strength, as mentioned earlier, you can add a weighted vest, resistance bands, or hold a dumbbell between your feet to add resistance. And all of this in a corner of a room. The Power Tower may be the perfect piece of equipment for YOUR home gym.